Changes are here!

In order to offer you a better client experience we have been making some changes.

We have 2 newer stylists (Alex & Liz) as well as a new assistant, Kelly, on our team. With these changes, we needed to make things a bit more streamlined.

You will now find that we have pricing based on our stylists level of experience.

All of our stylists are color certified and are educated throughout the year but we can't deny that experience is gained best through practice. So with that we now offer the following pricing categories:


Advanced Stylist

Master Stylist

Along with the pricing changes we have also allotted more time per appointment to provide you with more direct attention. Please check out our website for the changes and let us know if you have any questions.

Our online booking will reflect our pricing depending upon who you book with.

Also, you will find new products on our shelves as we try to offer you the safest, most efficient, and earth friendly products possible.

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