Staff Favorite: Soma Leave-In Conditioner is a Year-Round Rec

I often find that people aren’t aware that it’s totally acceptable—and sometimes a great idea!—to add a spray leave-in conditioner in addition to your regular conditioner. If your hair is especially dry or damaged, pick two products with different purposes for a double dose of treatment. The leave-in products really boost moisture, reducing frizz and breakage. (One exception is thin, fine hair, which may benefit from only one conditioning treatment to keep things light. I recommend the leave-in over the in shower conditioner.)

I like Soma Leave In-Conditioner because it can be used on all hair types. It doesn’t weigh down hair in the winter and it helps control frizz in the summer—it’s an all-year product you’ll go back to again and again.

The Soma conditioner is made with organic keratin protein, which repairs damage by essentially replacing what your hair is actually made of (can you guess? It’s keratin protein!). It also contains a UV absorber, which will help prevent the dry, dull, and brittle side effects of sun damage.

Another reason this product is highly recommended is because of Soma’s dedication to the proper pH balance in their products. Hair has a natural pH range between 4.5 to 5.5, and when you use products that maintain that same range, you’re keeping your cuticle closed, which locks in color and reduces frizz. Don’t just look for a product that says ‘pH balanced’—it’s really just a marketing term—you’ll want to stick to products like the Soma line which are specifically calibrated to that 4.5-5.5 range.

For the best results, apply the Soma Leave-In while your hair is still damp, after a good (but gentle) towel dry. It’s a great detangler to work in prior to your usual drying and styling routine.

We’ve got several in stock now, stop by or give us a call if you’d like to nab a Leave-In Conditioner (or any other Soma products—we love the brand and stock a full line).

— Amy

Portrait of salon employee Amy

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