Update June 15th, 2021

Today we are open with masks optional. We're happy to wear ours if you're wearing yours. We want everyone to remain comfortable and confident when they're having their services done. 

Update May 29th, 2021

It's been a heck of a year!! Thank you all for your cooperation this past year with all of the adjustments. We truly appreciate it. With that being said we're asking for more patience while we continue to require masks until June 15th. We'd like to watch the state and see how things go with everything now open. Some immediate changes are that we have magazines available, the backdoor is open to enter or exit through, and we will be at full capacity as needed. Thank you again and we'll have more on June 15th.  

Update May 24th, 2020

Hello Everyone!!

We've been given the green light for opening on May 26th. We have new policies and procedures in place while we move forward into this new world. 

The number 1 thing that we will do is remain at home if we feel off at all. We ask the same of you. We will have patience in rescheduling you if you're just not feeling right. Honesty and common sense are going to get us through this. 

So here are the new rules and regulations: 

Please call us upon your arrival: 978-468-9557. We may ask you to wait in your car until we finish sanitizing/disinfecting your area. We will call or text you when we’re ready for you to come in. 


Please enter wearing your mask and go directly to the bathroom to wash your hands upon entering. Everyone in the salon must wear a mask the entire time they are in the salon. You’ll notice in the bathroom we have a touchless soap dispenser and instructions for washing.


At your assigned station you will find touchless hand-sanitizer, tissues, and a small trash barrel. These items are for your use and will be sanitized/disinfected thoroughly. 


You will be asked to remain in your seat during your service (unless we’re washing your hair or you need to use the restroom).


The salon chairs that we are using are about 10 ft apart or have a wall between them. 


We will be changing our own smocks with every client. 


All products and tools that we use on you will be placed on the station in front of you to be sanitized/disinfected at the end of your appointment (please don’t think we’re weird, this just helps with cross contamination). 


You will see the state guidelines posted around the salon for employers, employees, and guests. 


Please do not handle any retail products. Staff is happy to place products at front desk or to provide any information about the products.


We are happy to provide you with water, coffee, or tea, but we are not offering the self-serve option. 


There will be no magazines available during this time. Please bring your reading material.


Please place personal items on the station in front of your chair or on the hook next to your mirror and not on the floor. 


Please dress in layers with NO HOODS. We will have the door and windows open when the weather allows and we don’t want you to get chilled.

Update May 16th, 2020

On Monday the 18th we will receive the information we have been waiting desperately for. We will post all of the information you will need for your future appointments. If you didn't receive our appointment poll email please click HERE to do so.

Update May 5, 2020

We miss you all so very much!

We have been told to expect to receive the guidelines on reopening May 18th. This means that we will not be opening on May 18th. Once we receive that information we will be rescheduling everyones appointments and calling to confirm them. 

Currently we are working on our own safety procedures (based on the CDC and OSHA) to protect you all as well as ourselves. We will then amend the changes necessary to comply with the Massachusetts required guidelines. 

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions, concerns, or comments.


The Crew

To our valued clients regarding COVID-19,

We have received the emergency order to close our doors until April 8th , 2020.

We're trying to stay positive and use this time wisely. Online education is a fantastic invention and we look forward to checking out new techniques and styles to chat about when life returns to "normal". If you are a current color client and need to have your roots touched up please purchase your personalized at home color kit here: color kit    You're scheduled appointment time will be the time you'd like to pick up your kit. 


We look forward to seeing you all in our little salon when we re-open.

Please feel free to contact us at any time with questions or concerns.

We will get through this!


The Six Bay Road Salon Team