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If you do not see the service that you are looking for in our list below please contact us. ​

*Timing and Pricing are approximate and vary based on texture, density, and length of hair.*




Blowout  $65-85
Have your hair washed and blown dry for a nice evening out or just a little pick me up!

Choose add on blowout to any other services when booking.
45 min.


Bang Trim  $11

10 min.

Dry Cut  $55-85
Dry cutting allows us to cut your hair based on your growth patterns. it also allows us to see exactly where the hair length will fall without worrying about it shrinking up.

no shampoo or blow dry. 
15 min.

Special Occasion Hair  $50-125

Anything beyond a blowdry. 
1 hr.​

Quick Braid  $25+

Need a french braid?

10 min.


Express OR 5 month Keratin Treatment


30 day or 5 months of smoothing that reduces frizz and styling time by 50%. 

1 hr 30min. and up​

Relaxer retouch or New $105-220+

Consultation required for this service. If you'd like to book online please select consultation first


Hair Extensions Application


This pricing does not include the purchase of hair. Please contact us or book online for a consultation.

1 hr and 30 min. +

Individual Fantasy Color Extensions $25+

Choose from bright or pastel fashion colors. This is a one strip color extension and includes application and removal.

Client getting their hair washed

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Color from roots to ends


For clients who have not had color done or are refreshing a color. Color all over the head from the roots to the ends of the hair.

Color at Root $73+

For clients that have less than 2 inches of regrowth and touch up their color every 2-7 weeks. Color applied all over the scalp area. ​

Partial Foil $104-150

for clients who have had foils done every 6-10 weeks. This is blended color around part line and face framing.

*add toner starting at $25

Full Foil $208-250

For clients that like dimensional color throughout their entire head of hair. Blended Color around the entire head. 

*add toner starting at $25

Color at root w/ Foil $165+

For clients covering grey and adding dimension to their hair every 4-8 weeks. Color covers roots and foils are added around the part line and face framing.

Individual Foils $45+

add as few or as many foils as you would like. There is an additional charge of a blowout with this service.

Partial Balayage $125-180

For clients that would like to have minimal maintenance to dimensional color. Hand painted highlights around the part and face area. 

Full Balayage $222-265

For clients that would like to have minimal maintenance but would like dimensional color throughout their entire head. Hand painted highlights

Blonding Retouch $85-95

For platinum blonde root touch up.​ No Dimension.

Blonding $222-295

When going platinum blonde it takes more than one process and usually more than one appointment.​ No dimension.

Color Correction

Pricing upon consultation

*Add on BlowDry $30

Select this when booking online if you would like your hair blown out. This service is included "New Client Colors"


*Add on Toner $25-95

Select this when booking online if you would like your to add toner to your highlight. 


Pricing in () is the cost to add service onto another service


Seasonal Clarifying Treatment $65+

Remove build up from within the hair to heal and allow your hair to hold color as well as your products better. 15 min.


Conditioning Or Strengthening Treatment $45+ 
Tailored to your hairs' need.  
45 min.​

Scalp Treatment w/ massage $55+
Stimulate blood flow and reduce build up which will improve scalp health may reduce hair loss.
45 min.


Manicure $26

(add gel polish $19) 

Nail maintenance, Long wear polish, hand massage.
30-60  min.

Pedicure $46

(add gel polish $19)

Nail Maintenance, Long wear polish, and foot massage
40-65 min.


any facial Wax   $18+


For clients that like their eyebrow, lip, chin, or another facial hair cleaned up.

Brow Tint  $30+

Darken your brows to enhance your face

15 min.

Brow Lamination $75-95 

Semi permanent way to tame your brows. 


Lash Tint $35+

Darken your lashes with color to enhance your eyes.

20 mins

Lash Lift & Tint $70-95 

Curl and color those lashes for 4-6 weeks to enhance your eyes. No maintenance.

Basic Make-up Application   $150+

Light makeup with no lashes. Lashes are an additional charge as is a heavier application.

30 min.

Learn to apply Make-up to your own face $200+

75 min.

Learn to apply makeup to your face to achieve your preferred look. 

Personal shopping w/ Tiffany $200/hr

Head to the local makeup store of your choosing and tiffany will assist you in finding your foundation match as well as any other color matches.  

Paraffin Hand Dip $26

Deeply moisturize your hands while having your hair done.
15 min.

Singer Frankie | Makeup by Tiffany Cantin | Photo by Joy Wong Photography
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