If you do not see the service that you are looking for in our list below please contact us. ​

*Times are approximate and vary based on texture, density, and length of hair.*

**Pricing increases with high density and extra long hair**

***Pricing is by stylist level: Stylist/Advanced/Master***




Blowout  $32/37/42
Have your hair washed and blown dry for a nice evening out or just a little pick me up!
45 min.


Kid's Cut $18/20/25

Dry cut for kids 12 and under.

15 min.


Bang Trim  $5/7/9
10 min.

Dry Cut  $26/31/35
Need a quick cut? Come in for a dry cut...

no shampoo or blow dry. 
15 min.


Cut  $59/69/79
With Shampoo and Blow dry

45 min.

Special Occasion Styling  $60/70/80

Anything beyond a blowdry. 
1 hr.​

Quick Braid  $20/25/30

Need a french braid?

10 min.


Express Keratin Treatment $75/85/95

30-45 day smoothing system that reduces styling time by 50%

1 hr 30min. and up

6 Month Keratin

Treatment $250/275/285

up to 6 months of less frizz and easier styling

1 and 30 min. +

Permanent Texture-Body or Spiral $95
2 hrs

Hair Extensions Application


This pricing does not include the purchase of hair. Please contact us or book online for a consultation.

1 hr and 30 min. +

Individual Fantasy Color Extensions $20+

Choose from bright or pastel fashion colors. This is a one strip color extension and includes application and removal.

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Full Color $69/81/93

Retouch $48/58/68

**NEW**Face Frame Root retouch $26/31/36

Looking for a quick fix for those stubborn sparkles? We'll wash and color the area around your face and along your part line only. No blowdry. You're in and out in. 

Fashion Colors Priced upon consult

Any fun color takes time and effort. Please schedule a consultation to discuss the look you want. At that time we will give you a price estimate.

Partial Foil $79/89/99

foil around part line and face framing

*add toner for $25/27/29

Full Foil $102/112/128

Foil around the part line and face framing as well as the neck perimeter and back of head

*add toner for $25/27/29

Retouch w/ Foil $116/128/140

cover roots and add a few foils around the part line and face framing

Individual Foils $20+

add as few or as many foils as you would like. There is an additional charge of a blowout with this service.

Partial Balayage $91/101/112

Hand painted highlights

Full Balayage $167/197/217

Hand painted highlights

Ombre $84/95/108

lighten or darken up the ends of the hair from ears down.

Blonding Retouch $82+/92+/112+

For platinum blonde root touch up.​

Blonding $162+/192+/222+

When going platinum blonde it takes more than one process and usually more than one appointment.​

Color Correction

Pricing upon consultation

*add bond rebuilder $22

*add cut to any color $27/28/30

*additional bowl/bottle of color $25


Pricing in () is the cost to add service onto another service


Clarifying Treatment $45/50/55 ($21/23/25) 

Remove build up from within the hair to heal and allow your hair to hold color as well as your products better. 15 min.


Conditioning Treatment $52/57/62 ($21/23/25)
Tailored to your hairs' need.  
15 min.

Strengthening Treatment $52/57/62 ($21/23/25)

Strengthen and Shine your hair during any chemical services.

Scalp Treatment w/ massage $62/67/72 ($31/36/41)
Stimulate blood flow and reduce build up which will improve scalp health may reduce hair loss.
15 min.


(in salon)

Brow Wax   $12/15/18

15 min.

Lip Wax   $10/12/14/23

15 min.

Brow Tint  $21/25/29

15 min.

Lash Tint $30/34/38/45

20 mins


Basic Make-up Application   $65/75/150

Light makeup with no lashes. Lashes are an additional charge as is a heavier application.

30 min.

Temporary Lashes $15/20/25

Strip or Individual lashes

20 mins


Make-up Application Tutorial $200+

60 min.

Learn to apply makeup to your face to achieve your preferred look. 


Paraffin Hand Dip $26

Deeply moisturize your hands while having your hair done.
15 min.


Hair & Makeup $120/150/185

Light styling. Please show up with clean dry hair or schedule a blow out as well for timing. ​

Hair $60/75/90

Light styling. Please show up with clean dry hair or schedule a blow out as well for timing.

Make-up $65/$75/$100

Light makeup with no lashes. Lashes are an additional charge as is a heavier application.

30 min.


Hand Massage $10

Any Lip/Eye Mask $10

Any Face/Neck Mask $20

Light Therapy

Sit in front of our full spectrum bulbs for that bit of Vitamin D