If you do not see the service that you are looking for in our list below please contact us. ​

*Times are approximate and vary based on texture, density, and length of hair.*

**Pricing may increase with high density and extra long hair**

***Pricing is by stylist level: Stylist/Advanced/Master***




Blowout  $32/37/42
Have your hair washed and blown dry for a nice evening out or just a little pick me up!
45 min.


Kid's Cut $16/18/21

Dry cut for kids 12 and under.

15 min.


Bang Trim  $5/7/9
10 min.

Dry Cut  $26/29/32
Need a quick cut? Come in for a dry cut...

no shampoo or blow dry. 
15 min.


Cut  $56/65/75
With Shampoo and Blow dry

45 min.

Special Occasion Styling  $60/65/75

Anything beyond a blowdry. 
1 hr.​

Quick Braid  $20/25/30

Need a french braid?

10 min.


Express Keratin Treatment $75/85/95

30-45 day smoothing system that reduces styling time by 50%

1 hr 30min. and up

6 Month Keratin

Treatment $250/275/285

up to 6 months of less frizz and easier styling

1 and 30 min. +

Permanent Texture-Body or Spiral $95
2 hrs

Hair Extensions Application


This pricing does not include the purchase of hair. Please contact us or book online for a consultation.

1 hr and 30 min. +

Individual Fantasy Color Extensions $20+

Choose from bright or pastel fashion colors. This is a one strip color extension and includes application and removal.



Full Color $56/66/81

Retouch $41/51/61

Fashion Colors Priced upon consult

Any fun color takes time and effort. Please schedule a consultation to discuss the look you want. At that time we will give you a price estimate.

Partial Foil $71/81/91

foil around part line and face framing

*add toner for $25

Full Foil $95/104/120

Foil around the part line and face framing as well as the neck perimeter and back of head

*add toner for $12

Retouch w/ Foil $101/113/125

cover roots and add a few foils around the part line and face framing

Individual Foils $16+

add as few or as many foils as you would like. There is an additional charge of a blowout with this service.

Partial Balayage $81/96/106

Hand painted highlights

Full Balayage $160/190/210

Hand painted highlights

Ombre $80/90/105

lighten or darken up the ends of the hair from ears down.

Blonding Retouch $80+/95+/110+

For platinum blonde root touch up.​

Blonding $160+/190+/220+

When going platinum blonde it takes more than one process and usually more than one appointment.​

Color Correction

Pricing upon consultation

*add bond rebuilder $21

*add cut to any color $27/28/29

*additional bowl/bottle of color $25


Pricing in () is the cost to add service onto another service


Clarifying Treatment $45/50/55 ($21/23/25) 

Remove build up from within the hair to heal and allow your hair to hold color as well as your products better. 15 min.


Conditioning Treatment $52/57/62 ($21/23/25)
Tailored to your hairs' need.  
15 min.

Strengthening Treatment $52/57/62 ($21/23/25)

Strengthen and Shine your hair during any chemical services.

Scalp Treatment w/ massage $62/67/72 ($31/36/41)
Stimulate blood flow and reduce build up which will improve scalp health may reduce hair loss.
15 min.


(in salon)

Brow Wax   $12/15/18

15 min.

Lip Wax   $10/12/14/23

15 min.

Brow Tint  $21/25/29

15 min.

Lash Tint $30/34/38/45

20 mins


Basic Make-up Application   $61/71/86

Light makeup with no lashes. Pricing goes up with heavier application.
30 min.


Make-up Application Tutorial $150+

60 min.


Paraffin Hand Dip $26

Deeply moisturize your hands while having your hair done.
15 min.


Hair & Makeup $120/135/160

Hair $60/65/75

Make-up $60/$70/$85



File and Clear Polish $12

15 min.

Hand Massage $10

Any Lip/Eye Mask $10

Any Face/Neck Mask $20

Light Therapy

Sit in front of our full spectrum bulbs for that bit of Vitamin D