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The Spa Upstairs

We're hiring Estheticians!

Please contact us if you're looking for a place to grow and thrive as an esthetician. 


Please note that all appointments require a credit card on file.


Consultation Facial $65

Come in and have your skin analyzed to create a treatment plan as well as an at home maintenance plan. The consultation includes: cleansing, a personalized mask, moisturizer, and SPF.

30 min.

Personalized Facial

Most don't know what their skin needs. We've made it easy. Come in and let the professionals determine what would benefit you most. You get to decide how long you're pampered for. Each season will bring a new basic facial. 
45 minute facial- $85

60 minute facial- $105

90 minute facial- $125

Personalized Body Facial

Does your back need some love, how about your rear? Let us get to those hard to reach spots with a body facial. Same steps as your facial. You get to decide how long you're pampered for. Each season will bring a new basic facial. 
45 minute facial- $110

60 minute facial- $130

90 minute facial- $150

Facial Peel $160 or series of 3


Reduces dark spots and other forms of discoloration. Promotes an even skin tone and clear complexion. Improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Formulated with 24% lactic acid and 10% TCA

Microdermabrasion $170

A mechanical exfoliation to remove layers of dead skin cells. This procedure reduces the appearance of fine lines, scarring, and discoloration.

Esthetician Analysis
Six Bay Road Salon Body Treatment








Dermaplaning $35

Add on to any facial treatment to remove dead cells, superfluous hair and allow your treatment to absorb with ease. 

Lower Body Lymphatic Drainage $30​​ (to add on to any facial treatment)

While having a facial treatment, find yourself cocooned with delicious pressure from your toes to your waist

Lash Lift  $115 ($95 without tint) 

Lashes are tinted and lifted to enhance and create depth around the eyes.


Brow Lamination ($70) 

Straighten and secure those brows. Make thin brows look thicker and make thick brows look thinner. It's up to you and your esthetician. 




Aromatic Relaxation Treatment 


This signature body treatment takes you on an enchanting journey with floral notes of Cherry Blossom and Lotus Flower to relax and nourish. Exfoliating cream to smooth and soften the skin, an invigorating foot massage into a relaxing full body massage using aromatic oils will bring blissful relaxation.


Positive Energy Treatment 


Begin with a breathing ritual to calm and release negative tension, restoring positive energy. Enjoy floral scents of sweet Jasmine and earthy sandalwood while receiving a slow relaxing massage inspired by traditional Indonesian practices. Accupressure techniques along the healing energy points of your body activate your body's natural healing process and restore inner harmony.


Moroccan Pumice Treatment 


An exclusive body exfoliation with our handmade Moroccan pumice stone (that you get to take home) and enzymatic exfoliating nectar for soft, smooth skin. Warmed massage oil with hypnotic notes of amber and myrrh create an unforgettable sensorial experience.


Six Bay Road Salon Body Treatment
Six Bay Road Salon Facial Treatment








Brow Wax  $15-23

15 mins


Lip Wax  $15-23

15 mins


Brow Tint  $25-41

25 min.


Lash Tint $25-41

25 mins


Full Face wax $65
15 min.

Arms  $35
30 min.

Full Legs $80

60 min.

Bikini $35

20 min.

Back $5-30

15+ min.

Armpits $30

15+ min.


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Birthchart Reading $111

Requires a 2 week preparation time. 

60 min

Tarot $25

Guidance for any questions.

30 mins

Tarot Reading Six Bay Road Salon Hamilton, MA

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