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What Has Happened And What Is To Happen

What Has Happened And What Is To Happen...

It's been almost a year since we did our first renovation of Six Bay Road Salon. New floors, stations, sinks, chairs, refurbished mirrors, moved walls, fresh paint, and a new reception area were all part of that 10 day sprint. Now, we're on to creating a more cohesive feel across our social media, web presence, and physical salon.

Part of those exciting updates include making your experience even more seamless; soon we'll be sending out a link to our new software to make booking and communicating easier. We're also thrilled to announce new offerings, including mini treatments while you wait and new products for purchase.

Do you have any suggestions you can think of for this stage in our exciting growth? Our biggest goal is to add a chic feel to our already homey feel. It's all about balance and apparently, balance is our favorite challenge!



During all of these changes we're also continuing to work on outside projects that have introduced us to some really cool people. We've done hair for a photo shoot for Natalie LaRose and hair for Angela Yee for the Jam'n 95 concert. We had FrankieMusic model for us for a hair and makeup photoshoot, and we were in the running to groom Metallica for an event in Foxboro recently. That last one unfortunately didn't work out, but an extremely talented new friend did, and we were honored to have been in the ranks with her!

Our goals for the next couple of years are big and scary, yet we can't wait to finally reach them. Once the salon is all set, we'll be looking for an additional stylist to add to our family and we'll be traveling even farther distances for photoshoots and events!

We hope you'll stay tuned as we unveil even more in the coming months.

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