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Upstairs Renovation of our Intuitive Spa

I'm late on this post...but here it is! We are renovating the new space upstairs to create a better Intuitive Spa with a more relaxing spa environment for our incredible clients. Quiet soothing rooms for facials, massage, reiki, and maybe some more options. A meditation area to relax in before or after your appointment (or if you just need to breathe you'll be able to hang out without an appointment)

We're working on hiring the right team to hear your concerns and help you solve them. Skin care solutions, relaxing massage, and possibly some other modalities! If you know of any services providers looking to land in a situation with a great team and support please send them our way For now, please enjoy some a sneak peeks of the before and during process.

a collage, a color swatch, a vanity with lights and a green velvet chair, wall art of a water color green leaf, a man painting.
Little bits and pieces of the new Intuitive Spa


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