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Staff Favorite: Cezanne Silky Nourishing Oil

Oiling hair is a very old process that you probably heard about from your grandmother. So what does oiling your hair look like todayare people still doing it? Is it still recommended?

The answer is yes!

Our scalps produce natural sebum to keep our hair moisturized and strong. But because of today’s styling products and environmental factors, sometimes that natural oil just isn’t enough to keep our hair moisturized.

Nothing will give your hair a healthy shine and silky feeling more effectively than a high quality oil serum, and Cezanne Silky Nourishing Oil is one of the best. Check out the list of what this one super-product can do:

  • Reduce blow-dry time, helping damp hair dry faster.

  • Adds heat protection from styling tools.

  • Hydrates dry, lackluster hair

  • Fights humidity to control frizz without adding weight

  • Restores hair elasticity with Argan oil

  • Reduces split ends with Moringa Oleifera Seed Oil, Vitamins C and B.

  • 100% Formaldehyde-free keratin smoothing treatment

  • Pampers your hair with avocado oil and shea butter

Did you know?

Oils can dry out the hair if not used properly. Over the counter oils as well as coconut and grape seed oils can create a barrier against moisture if the hair is not prepped properly or clarified regularly. When the oil builds up on already dry hair the moisture is sealed out creating dry, brittle hair. At first you don’t notice because the oil created the illusion of shiny hair, but then as time goes on the hair gets limp and feels oily or even dry and coarse. That’s when you know you’ve done some damage.

So how do you use a hair oil? Start with freshly shampooed and conditioned hair. Put one to two drops of Cezanne Silky Nourishing Oil into your palm and spread it over your hair (for coarse or thick hair, you may need additional product, for fine hair, you may need less). Apply any after-care styling products. You can also get additional heat protection by applying a small amount onto your dry hair before you flat iron or curl.

Try it yourselfyou’ll see why history got this one right!

—Tiffany, Owner / Master Stylist / Master Makeup Artist


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