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Pro Tips: What is the Best Way to Blow Dry My Hair?

One of the best parts of a salon visit is that feeling of a fabulous blow dry. Did you know you can get that same feeling at home? If you’re following the best practices of blow drying your hair, you’ll find that even a home wash and dry can be very refreshing.

I know a lot of people who use the ‘flip your hair and blow until it’s dry’ technique. Now that’s fine for a wash-and-go look, but if you put some more time into it, you can get your at-home blow dry to feel like you just visited the salon.

First: get the right tools

You need more than just a dryer to get a great blow dry, but it’s the perfect place to start setting the scene for a high-end style. Your dryer should be at least 1,800 watts and have multiple settings for heat and air. Don’t get rid of that little nozzle it comes with either—it’s called a concentrator, and it helps prevent your hair from getting frizzy by concentrating the airflow in one direction. For curly hair, you’ll want to add in a diffuser accessory, which will keep your hair soft and frizz-free.

You will also need a good brush—if you're looking for a super smooth blow dry and you have medium to dense hair, you'll want a round brush; if volume is your goal, you'll need more of a paddle brush. The right brush can help straighten, flip ends, or create waves, and big brushes with vents will also speed up your drying time by allowing more air circulation.

Don’t forget a hair clip, also, something to section off pieces and help you stick to a step-by-step approach. If you have shoulder length or longer hair, have three clips ready.

Find your product

Generally, you’ll want to blow dry your hair using either mousse, cream, or hair spray. You can combine these if you make sure the products are complimentary. Many folks also like using a hair protectant.

Mousse helps add thickness, and is applied to damp hair before drying. A cream will help smooth and soften your hair, especially if it’s damaged; you can use that before or after styling. Lastly, a hair spray will help you set your style or help volumize your roots when used along with the ‘air only’ feature on your hair dryer.

Next: the dry!

The best way to avoid heat damage for your hair is to reduce drying time by towel-drying or air-drying your hair for a bit. You may want to purchase an absorbent hair wrap to put on while you finish your post-shower routine, or use the good old-fashioned twisted towel technique (though keep the towel light, as a heavier/bulkier one might pull on and break delicate hair strands). Gentle towel drying by squeezing the hair in the towel instead of rubbing the towel in the hair will also help prevent damage.

After towel-drying, blow dry your hair until it’s about 75% dry using medium heat. Next, clip up the hair on top of your crown and finish drying the lower layers with a brush using higher heat. Pointing the dryer nozzle downward will help create shiny and smooth strands.

Next, remove the clip from your crown to blow dry the top section and any remaining damp hair. Add volume by aiming your dryer at the roots, using your round brush to pull hair outward and down. You can now set any curled ends or straight sections with cold air if you like. Apply any after-drying products and you’re good to go!

Want to get some tips in person along with your professional blowout, or recs for products to use? Schedule a visit today with me or any of our stylists. See you soon!

—Tiffany, Owner / Master Stylist / Master Makeup Artist


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