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The Future is coming...

Hello Friends!

We are in the process of transitioning into a new software. We've had a few struggles with Millenium and we have decided to let it go and move on to a cloud based system. What does this mean to you? Easier booking, easier payments, and an app to use.

When booking you'll now be able to select, delete, change and modify each of your appointments. Our current system wouldn't let you change or delete your appointments and I know that was frustrating for many of you.

Easier Payments meaning you'll input your card at booking. This allows you to store the card or use a different one each time. When you are done with your appointment you'll be able to walk out and process your payment/tip via your app. Or you can check out at the desk. No more paper receipts.

The app is awesome. It's not as pretty as our current booking site but it's so much better. You'll be able to book multiple services with ease, make changes to those, and if anything comes up you'll be able to reschedule yourself. You'll have text and/or email notifications of your appointments depending on how you set those up.

Keep an eye on your email in the next 4 weeks for the launch! All of your appointments will be transferred over so if you have a pending appointment you won't need to take any action.

Let me know if there are any questions!! Hope you enjoy the change as much as we do!

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